Top Georgian wine and cheese pairings – Simple guide
18 October, 2017
Combining wine and cheese is an unquenchable subject and it is being discussed by many gourmets and experts around the world. In this article, we well talk about the specific combination of Georgian wines and Georgian cheese.

One of the main factors in combining wine and cheese is the regional principle. Typically, the wine produced in one particular region pairs well with the cheese produced in the same area and this principle is observed in Georgia as well.

For example,
no other wine is paired better with Imeretian soft cheese as Imeretian blended wine, namely Titska-Tsolikauri and this combination is one of the most classical and well-known.
Another very good combination is Kakhetian wine (Rkatsiteli, Kisi or Mtsvane Kakhuri) with Guda cheese. However, it is better for the wine to be well aged in order for all the good characteristics to be felt sharply. In this case, the wine will not be ‘lost’ in Guda’s sharp taste.
Megrelian sulguni cheese is best paired with dry Ojaleshi, however, Otskhanuri Sapere is also very good in this respect. The wine-lovers also like to pair sulguni with Kakhetian Saperavi.
The light Tsinandali is recommended with unsalted ‘factory cheese’, as well as Imeretian soft cheese.
As for the Megrelian or Svanetian smoked sulguni, it is better consumed together with Usakhelouri, Khvanchkara or sweet Megrelian or Lechkhumian Ojaleshi.
The aged, or the so-called mildewed cheese, as well as Pshavian cottage cheese, we recommend Kakhetian dry Saperavi.
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