Dumplings with yogurt and onions from Samtskhe-Javakheti Region
06 November, 2017
Tatarberak is a popular dish of Samtskhe-Javakheti Region in southern Georgia. This traditional dish is made from tiny pieces of dough that are boiled and served with the sauce of melted butter and fried onion.


Bread flour - 200g

1 onion

Butter - 6 tabelspoonfuls

Matsoni (Georgian yogurt) - 100 ml

Salt to taste


Knead dough with sifted flour and brine.Roll out the dough and cut to the medium size squares or strips. Put the pieces of dough one
by one into salted boiling water and boil it well. After boiling, remove the pieces and put them on a strainer. When the water is drained, put them on plate, add finely chopped onions fried in butter, pour matsoni (Georgian yogurt) over the dish and consume.