Famous American culinary show teaches how to prepare Georgian cheese boat
19 January, 2018
Extremely delicious cheese bread Adjaruli Khachapuri from Georgia’s mountainous Adjara Region has recently been spotlighted by well-known American cooking show The Chew. In the TV program celebrated chefs teach you how to prepare this incomparable Georgian dish.

Celebrated chefs preparing Adjaruli Khachapuri

Adjaruli Khachapuri is very popular dish not only in Georgia, but in many countries around the world. It is highly appreciated and loved among foreign tourists visiting Georgia. This kind of khachapuri has a boat-like shape and is
served with undercooked egg in the middle of cheese along with a generous chunk of butter on the top.

In order to cook Adjaruli khachapuri you will definitely need fresh, high-quality cheese to start with.
Adjaruli Khachapuri

Since Adjara is a seaside part of the country, the inspiration of the dish came from the sea and fishermen. The shape of the pie resembles a boat while the egg yolk symbolizes sun setting in the sea. Adjaruli is often referred to as Georgian pizza.

The shape of the pie resembles a boat while the egg yolk symbolizes sun

Celebrating and exploring life through food, The Chew is an innovative daytime program co-hosted by a dynamic group of engaging, fun, relatable experts in food, lifestyle, and entertaining. The program is geared toward foodies and other lifestyle enthusiasts.

Adjaruli Khachapuri is very popular dish around the world

If you have tried Georgian cheese boat before and would like to make your own, then it is a perfect opportunity to learn it from this video. Since it is hard to find authentic Georgian cheese abroad, the chefs in the TV program offer different option by mixing other sorts of cheese that are at hand. For more recepies check out the related links below.

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