Restaurant Old Metekhi - Synthesis of Georgian traditions and fine taste
29 March, 2018
Restaurant Old Metekhi - Synthesis of Georgian traditions and fine taste
Georgia and especially its beautiful capital – Tbilisi is famous for its historical old part, unique architecture and extremely delicious cuisine. These are the main attractions for the foreign visitors of the country.

There are places in the old part of the city, where a foreign visitor can sample delicious traditional Georgian cuisine and simultaneously enjoy unforgettable views of the Old Tbilisi. Restaurant Old Metekhi is one of the most known and widely popular place among tourists who seek culinary
Restaurant Old Metekhi is located in historical part of the city

As the owner of the restaurant Nugzar Matcharashvili says, here, in a calm environment, guests can taste delicious dishes and enjoy the amazing views of Old Tbilisi.

View on Mtkvari River

Restaurant Old Metekhi is located in historical district of Tbilisi, #3 Metekhi slope, down from Avlabari square, towards Metekhi church.Due to its location, the restaurant is quite popular among the foreigners, who want to explore the old part of the city and enjoy its wonderful sights. This restaurant is facing Mtkvari River that separates the city in two parts.
Here, in a calm environment, guests can taste delicious dishes and enjoy the amazing views of Old Tbilisi

As the personnel of the restaurant say, Old Metekhi is not just a restaurant; this is unique synthesis of Georgian history, traditions and delicate taste. Relaxing and cozy environment combined with pleasant music and amazingly beautiful views of the old Tbilisi will definitely make your day. The best time for visiting the restaurant is evening, as the surrounding area becomes more attractive and mysterious and the charm of Old Tbilisi is more visible.
Restaurant interior and the view on Old Tbilisi

From the windows of Old Metekhi, the one can enjoy the perfect views of illuminated colorful houses and Narikala Fortress as well as Mtkvari River.

Old Metekhi was opened in 2000 and soon gained its own place among the leading restaurants of the city, as it was managed by the professionals who provided the highest level of the culinary and service.
The restaurant provides a varied service

The restaurant provides a varied service such as traditional Georgian feast (supra), A la Furshet, lunch and coffee break.

Old Metekhi is mostly visited by the foreign visitors of the country, because it is very exotic and attractive place for them.Yet, at the same time it is quite popular among the locals as well. The place also often serves high officials, organizes official lunches and dinners.
Old Metekhi offers combination of Georgian and Europian cuisines

As for the menu, Old Metekhi offers combination of Georgian and Europian cuisines. The restaurant uses only local products; hence the dishes prepared in Old Metekhi are distinguished by extremely pleasant taste and flavor.
View on Old Tbilisi

According to the restaurant administration, the customers cannot hide their excitement and admiration after tasting the traditional Georgian dishes, such as Mtsvadi (Georgian barbeque), Khachapuri (cheese bread) prepared with the local ingredients.
The restaurant uses only local products

Apart from delicious dishes Old Metekhi offers entertainment to its guests as well. , one can enjoy the live music, in particular saxophone, piano coupled with songs. Additionally here you can get acquainted with and national dances. Usually musical entertainment starts after 19:00 PM and lasts until 23:00 PM.
Georgian national dances performed at Old Metekhi

Restaurant Old Metekhi always offers impressive and diverse New Year program, as it invites famous singers and performers for providing pleasant and enjoyable environment for its visitors. Respectively, it is one of the best places for celebrating the New Year’s Eve.
The restaurant would be the best place for the romantic meetings

As the head of the Old Metekhi, Nugzar Matcharashvili says, the visitors of the restaurant will never get bored here.

“Restaurant Old Metekhi will always provide perfect service to you and your guests. We always try our best for ensuring comfort and joy for our customers,” Nugzar Matcharashvili elaborates.
The best time for visiting the restaurant is evening

It is worth mentioning that apart from the exciting location and delicious cuisine, the restaurant now boasts newly opened separate room, which is unique and distinctive due to the fact that it is located in 19th century wine cellar.
The guests of the restaurant will never get bored here

After entering the restaurant, the visitors will just have to go downstairs and they will definitely find themselves in totally different, old-styled atmosphere. The area is completely decorated with old Georgian ornaments.

When entering the room, its original and interesting interior will immediately attract your attention. Ethnographic elements, carpets hanging on the walls and special design enable visitors to experience environment of Old Tbilisi.

As the head of the restaurant told us, the Georgian nobles used to gather in this old wine cellar, spend good time, drink incomparable Georgian wine and enjoy the traditional Georgian supra - a feasting table filled with various dishes.
Here you can enjoy the traditional Georgian supra - a feasting table filled with various dishes

As Nugzar Matcharashvili recalls, the restaurant administration reconstructed and renovated the old wine cellar, which must be especially interesting for the foreign visitors of the restaurant due to its historic importance.

You can rest your head from city’s noise here. This is the ideal place for those who want to relax in a cozy and comfortable environment.
Delicious dishes at Old Metekhi

Another pleasure which awaits you in this old wine cellar is that there is a comfortable and cozy veranda, overlooking the symbol of the city Mtkvari River flowing on it way. Medieval Narikala Fortress looking down from above with all its glory is another breathtaking view the one can enjoy from the restaurant’s comfortable veranda, which is a perfect place for the romantic dinners and dates as well. Couples can spend a wonderful romantic evening here.
Restaurant interior

The cozy and comfortable veranda is expected to become a favorite place for the restaurant guests, especially during spring and summer seasons, as it is one of the best opportunities to cool off and relax during the hot days.
View on Mtkvari River and Old Tbilisi

At this stage, the staff of Old Metekhi are planning to create a special menu for the separated room, which will be different from the currently existing menu of the restaurant.

“It will include traditional, old Georgian dishes, which are little bit forgotten nowadays and are considered to be old-styled”, noted the head of the restaurant.

It is also noteworthy that the restaurant administration can offer special menu for the lovers of international cuisine. For example, they are able to arrange the day of French, Italian, Russian cuisine according to the requirements of the customers.
The restaurant administration can offer special menu for the lovers of international cuisine

As for the wine, the restaurant is mainly focused on the traditional Georgian wine and it can offer almost all Georgian wine brands.

The lovers of vodka can ask for Chacha, a Georgian pomace brandy, a clear and strong which is sometimes called "vine vodka", "grape vodka", or "Georgian vodka/grappa".
Old Metekhi would be the perfect place for spending good time with friends and family

The separated room in Old Metekhi is designed for 18 persons, so it can be a quite comfortable place for holding the unforgettable birthday parties, celebrations or just spending good time with friends and family.
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