Vegan dishes of Georgian Sufra – What does Georgian cousine offer to Vegans
18 June, 2018
Pkhali, Mchadi, Khinkali with mushrooms, Lobiani, cabbage katleti, Lobio, Tolma with vegetables and red peppers stuffed with nuts – It is only a small part of meals Georgia can offer to vegans. Georgian meals contain a variety of ingredients. It has a special technique of blending spice, sauce, dressing, flavourings, walnuts and vegetables with each other.
Have a look at some of the dishes more closely and pick your favourite one.
Pkhali, Photo courtesy:

Pkhali is made of chopped and
minced herbs, especially spinach. It goes well with Mchadi, a baked corn bread. Most Georgians eat Mchadi with Lobio. Lobio is a special dish often served in pots. Lobio and Mchadi can be accompanied by pickles. Lobio beans blended with herbs and spice can be stuffed into dough to make another vegan pie – Lobiani.
Lobio and Mchadi, Photo courtesy:
Lobiani, Photo courtesy:

The main ingredient (meat) of Georgian traditional dumpling called Khinkali can be replaced by mushrooms. Mushrooms mixed with herbs and garlic give khinkali a special taste that you will never forget.
Khinkali with mushrooms, Photo courtesy:

Cabbage mixed with various flavourings and dressings can be fried as a flat round-shaped dish, called Cabbage Katleti.
One of the most delicious dishes is Tolma (dolma). Vegan Tolma is made of cabbage leaves stuffed with vegetables.
Red pepper stuffed with nuts is also on “not to miss” list if you are looking for a delicious vegan dish.
Vegan Tolma (Dolma), Photo courtesy:
Red pepper stuffed with nuts, Photo courtesy: www.
Cabbage Katleti, Photo courtesy:

Unfortunately, there is only one vegan restaurant in Tbilisi named Kiwi Vegan Café on I. Matschabeli St.6. However, almost every Georgian restaurant offers a variety of vegan dishes, so even if there is no special signs for vegans, they can still enjoy Georgian Sufra not blinking an eye.

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