How Georgians cook Mushroom gravy
22 June, 2018
One of the most appetizing Georgian meals is Mushroom gravy. It is a combination of vegetables, wine and Georgian sour plum sauce Tkemali. Georgian wine perfectly goes with the ingredients and gives the meal particular taste. If you are not in Georgia, but want to try out one of its delicious foods, we will be your guide.
Georgian w
ine, Photo courtesy:

To cook the mushroom gravy, first averagely cut mushrooms and onions and then put the ingredients in oiled water in a saucepan. Then add some pepper and salt and let it boil for some time. After mushrooms and onions are blended and boiled, pour some Tkemali and wine over them.
Tkemali - Georgian sour plum sauce, Photo

The last stage of cooking the mushroom gravy is to add some cut herbs on the cooked ingredients and your meal is be ready. The mushroom gravy gets even more delicious if it is accompanied with Georgian Bread called Shotis Puri. Shotis puri is a traditional Georgian bread shaped like a canoe.
Georgian bread- Shotis Puri, Photo courtesy:

The mushroom gravy is going to be a favorite meal for both vegans and non-vegans. Enjoy the meal!

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