Shqmeruli – One of the oldest and most delicious dishes from Georgia
25 June, 2018
Shqmeruli is a traditional dish from Shqmeri, one of the most beautiful villages from Racha (Georgia’s mountainous region).
Georgian guests almost always order it at Georgian restaurants.

If you are not able to visit Georgian-food venues, check out our recipe of Shqmeruli. Georgian Journal will help you to prepare the meal at home.
Shqmeri, Racha, Photo courtesy:

All you need to cook Shqmeruli is: a chicken, milk, salt, minced garlic and some fat. Cut the chicken in two parts and
put them on a fatted pan. Let the chicken skin bake in a pan covered with a heavy object to press on the chicken. After bottom sides of the chicken are baked, turn over the sides.
Shqmeruli, Photo courtesy:

When the chicken is ready, take them out from the pan and cut them in small pieces. Meanwhile, minced onions should be baked on the pan until they change their color. Then add some milk (it can be replaced either water or cream) and salt to taste on the garlic. After they are boiled, we pour it on the chicken and the meal is ready.
Mujuretuli, the wine species from Racha, Photo courtesy: www.

Since Shqmeruli includes garlic, it is suggested to be accompanied with fruit wine. Racha folks love to drink Mujuretuli (one of the wine species from Racha) with Shqmeruli. Hope you find it easy to cook Shqmeruli. Enjoy your meal!

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