Cream soup with different types of mushrooms
25 June, 2018
Those who love mushrooms, Georgian Journal is going to introduce you to the recipe of one of the mushroom cream soups. To cook one of the most appetizing Georgian dishes, you need the following ingredients: Fat (butter), salt, onion, garlic, pepper, flour, white wine, a mixture of vegetables, cream and different types of mushrooms.

Heat the fatted pan and add minced onions. After onions are fried, add minced garlic and different kinds of mushrooms. Pour salt and pepper and let these
ingredients blend and bake for a while. Then add some flour and stir thoroughly. The next ingredient to add is a cup of white wine. When it is boiled, add a mixture of vegetables and boil the whole thing for 15 minutes.
Mushroom cream-soup, The photo courtesy:

At last, put some cream, boil it and mix everything until it has uniform consistency. The recipe is as simple as that, enjoy your meal!

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