How to prepare Tolma in vine leaves
28 June, 2018
You may have never eaten vine leaves and wonder if it is even edible. Georgian dish Tolma is stuffed either in pepper or in cabbage. But some people, among them are Georgians too, put Tolma in vine leaves. Special light fragrance of the plant perfectly goes with Tolma ingredients.
Cooking Tolma, Photo courtesy:

All you need is meat, garlic, flavors, salt, various types of herbs and vine leaves. First, you blend meat, salt, flavors, garlic and herbs. Then, try to
make small balls out of them. They should be stuffed in vine leaves. But before that, you need to wash and boil the leaves for about 5 minutes.
Vegan Tolma with rice, Photo courtesy:

After the leaves are laid out and cooled, wrap meat balls in them. Put them in a saucepan, add some salt water and boil them. Tolma in vine leaves can be accompanied with sour cream or any sauce. If you are vegan, you can make vegan Tolma in vine leaves, too. Meat should be replaced by rice and also, some nuts can be added to the ingredients.

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