How to prepare eggplant in Adjarian way
05 July, 2018
If you read Georgian Journal permanently, you probably have heard about Adjarian Khachapuri or cheese boat. Well, Adjarians offer other dishes as well, like the following one with eggplant. Provide yourself with the following ingredients: 2-3 eggplants, matsoni (a milk product particular to Caucasian cuisine, similar to sour cream), two cloves of garlic, salt, pepper and coriander (optional).
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First of all, peel off the eggplants and cut them in small cubes. Add salt to taste on them
and leave it like this for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, pour some salt and chopped garlic in matsoni and stir it. After 20 minutes squeeze eggplants and fry them on a fatted pan.

Finally, pour matsoni with salt and garlic on fried eggplants. Then, add some coriander and pepper on the dish. But it is up to you since its traditional recipe does not include herbs and pepper. If you are vegan, vegan garlic sauce can be used instead of matsoni.

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