How to prepare cauliflower with walnut in Georgian
06 July, 2018
This article is for those who are crazy about vegetables and fiber products, especially for vegans. All you need to prepare the meal are cauliflower, shelled walnuts, dry coriander, spice mix, salt, pepper, pomegranate seeds and some oil.

Firstly, wash carefully the cauliflower and cut it in small parts. Pour salt to taste and steam them. Then pour some oil on a pan and fry cauliflowers in it. Meanwhile, chop shelled walnuts (about a cup)
and blend them with spice mix and dry coriander.
Walnut is very popular in Georgian cuisine. Photo courtesy:

Finally, take out fried cauliflower from the pan and mix it with walnuts and spice. Then you can add some pomegranate seeds on the meal. It is better not to replace shelled walnuts by other fiber products since its specific flavor goes well with rest of the ingredients. Enjoy your meal!
Georgian cuisine is rich with spice ingredients. Photo courtesy:

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