"Khashmi Saperavi" a Georgian red wine has been added to the official Wine Register “The Appellations of Reserved Enterprises”
11 July, 2018
"Khashmi Saperavi" a Georgian red wine has been added to the official  Wine  Register “The Appellations of Reserved Enterprises”
"Khashmi Saperavi" was officially added to the list of Georgian wine-production names, - the official website of the wine has mentioned. According to their information this is indicative of the diversity and variety of Georgian wines which are especially important in terms of the popularization of Georgian wine and the growth of export potential.

The addition of “Khashmi Saperavi” to the Register of the Appellations of Reserved Enterprises will ensure
the protection of the above-mentioned denominations on the basis of all the agreements and conventions of which Georgia is a signatory.
"Khashmi Saperavi", Photo courtesy: www.chateaukhashmi.com

The National Wine Agency (the NWA) was asked to register the "Khashmi Saperavi" last year via an application from the National Intellectual Property Center. "Sakpatenti", was preceded by the joint work of the NWA and the LEPL Agricultural Research Center for the purpose of preparing the relevant manufacturing specification and other required documents for registration.

“Khashmi Saperavi” – a red dry wine from the Khashmi micro-district located in Sagarejo municipality. The geographical region of the Khashmimicro zone, has a dry subtropical climate and characteristics. The Saperavi varieties of grape provide a special quality to the “Khashmi Saperavi” wine.

According to historical sources, the original cultivation of vine yards in the Khashmi area was associated with Queen Tamar, who allegedly ordered the vineyards to be set up there. The locals quickly learned how to take care of the vineyards and the rules of wine making from which they produce high quality wine using the Saperavi varieties of grapes.
Grapes used for wine-making, Photo courtesy: www.chateaukhashmi.com

Currently there are 18 Georgian registered wines: Khvanchkara, Mukuzani, Tsinandali, Akhasheni, Gurjaani, Kindzmarauli, Manavi, Kakheti, Napareuli, Teliani, Ateni, Sviri, Vazisubani, Kardenakhi, Tibaani, Tvishi, Kvareli and Kotekhi. The NWA continues to work with Sakpatenti within the regulation of the provisions of the Appellation of Geographical Indications in addition to adding new wines to the current list.

The first photo courtesy: www.allwine.ge

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