Summer salad with green beans
19 July, 2018
If you want a light summer salad recipe, you should read this article. Get:

200g of cherry tomatoes,
400 green beans,
1 egg,
1 cup bread flour,
500g sulguni cheese,
some oil, pepper and salt.

Sulguni cheese is a brined Georgian cheese from the Samegrelo region. It has a sour, moderately salty flavor, a dimpled texture, and an elastic consistency.
Sulguni, Photo courtesy:

Firstly, fry the potatoes and green beans in a frying pan. After they are moderately fried, put
them in a salad bowl. Break the raw egg into a bowl with the flour and then, cut the sulguni into cubes and dip them into the mixture. Fry both sides of the sulguni cubes in the frying pan.

Afterwards, mix the fried sulguni cubes with the rest of the ingredients in the bowl, add pepper and salt to taste and your salad will be ready.

Some like to pour soy sauce on the salad, so you can try this way too. It is one of the most nutritious and delicious summer salads also suitable for vegetarians.

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