The Georgian guide to using pizza peels
25 July, 2018
What is a tool that is necessary to make pizza? Sebastian, editor at speaks with Georgian Journal about the issue.

What is a pizza peel?

Pizza peels have been around for a long time they are often made from either a hardwood such as acacia wood or from metal (usually something like aluminium for the head and wood for the handle). They designed to help the user add food into large ovens. Pizza is traditionally made in large wood
ovens and pizza peels are perfect for placing the pizza or even moving it around when it is cooking.

You can find these in many households now as they can be also used for other types of cooking such cooking cheese boats or even bread rolls. They are a great way to protect your hands from the heat of the oven and allow you to place whatever it is you are cooking in the right place without the risk of burning yourself. This article helps you pick the best pizza peel for you.

How to use a pizza peel?

Pizza peels are very easy to use, you should be making the pizza on the actual head of the pizza peel. It is a good idea, though, to make sure that you have covered the head or peel with something like flour or corn flour as this will keep the base of the pizza dry and stop it from sticking (it is “wet” dough that becomes sticky and makes it difficult to slide the pizza off).

If you use cornmeal this will also enhance the flavour of the base of the pizza or cheese bread.

What size pizza peel should you be looking for?

For most people, this is likely going to be the shorter ones as your home oven is not as big as some of the traditional wood ovens. The longer ones are also a little more difficult to move about especially if your kitchen is not big.

Is a wood or metal pizza peel better?

This one comes down to personal preference really, Having a metal one means that the head is thinner and so it is easier to pick up and move the pizza. Wood can be a little more gentle on your oven surfaces if you have a metal oven. You should also be aware that wood may burn if it is left in the oven for too long, so think about the way that you cook as this will impact what you buy.

What can I use a pizza peel for?

While the tradition use for a pizza peel is for cooking pizza (this is what they are known for) you can use them for other everyday cooking at home. Many people use them instead of oven gloves for getting food in and out of ovens.

Using a pizza peel for Georgian cheese boat

While I was writing this I came across a few Georgian recipes that using a pizza peel would be great for I came across this article that talks about making Khachapuri. I have not heard about this before and will be looking to make something like this in my own kitchen as soon as I am sure that my family will love it.

Sebastian is a passionate cook and is the editor at He spends a lot of his spare time in the kitchen cooking and trying out new gadgets and cookware.

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