Pelamushi made with black grapes
03 August, 2018
Pelamushi originates in the western part of Georgia. You make it from a fresh grape juice. Pelamushi made from Adesa (a type of grape in Georgia) has a special aroma. You need to use a saucepan with a thick bottom to prepare Pelamushi.


200-250 grams of corn flour
1 litre of black grape juice or boiled grape juice
1 tablespoon of wheat flour
1 or 2 tablespoons of sugar
Walnut, hazelnuts, dried fruits for decoration
Pelamushi, Photo courtesy:


Add the wheat and corn flour into the boiled grape juice, so that you get a homogenous mixture and put it on the hea . Stir the boiled grape juice constantly. When in starts to boil, continue the process on a low heat.

When bubbles appear in the mixture, add the sugar and boil for several more minutes. Then, put the hot Pelamushi into a desirable form and let it cool down. When the Pelamushi is cold enough, arrange it on plates and decorate it with dried fruits, walnuts and nuts.

Difficulty 2
Portion 6
Time 4 hours

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Source: Culinary Atlas of Georgia, Palitra L

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