Eggplants with walnuts
09 August, 2018
Edible greens with walnuts is characteristic of Georgian cuisine. They are served at every celebration and party. The most popular edible green is eggplant with walnuts, spinach and red Mkhali (a type of edible green).


1 kilogram of eggplants
250-300 grams of walnut
A tablespoon of coriander, dried Marigold petals and fenugreek
A bunch of celery
5 heads of garlic
Grains of pomegranate for decoration
Cooking Oil
Vinegar, salt, pepper – according to taste

Eggplants with walnuts, Photo courtesy:


and cut the eggplant into thin slices, add salt and leave for 20 minutes. Fry the eggplant in oil. Mix chopped herbs, garlic, vinegar and chopped walnuts. Stir the mixture well with pomegranates. Spread the mixture on slices of eggplant and fold, spread the mixture again on the top and place them on a plate.

Difficulty – 2
Portion – 10
Time – 1 hour

First photo courtesy:

Source: Culinary Atlas of Georgia, Palitra L

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