Rolled Sulguni pieces filled with vegetables
09 August, 2018
Sulguni cheese with vegetables is a perfect combination for summer meals. Sulguni is a brined cheese with elastic consistency from Samegrelo region (western part of Georgia).

Get the following ingredients and start cooking:

Sulguni pieces - 60 g.
Various herbs – 60 g.
Cucumber - 50 g.
Tomatoes - 60 g.
Almond sauce - 200g.
Tarragon - 8g.
Coriander - 4g.
Cress - 8g.
Raw mentha - 8g.
Spinacia - 4g.
Ocimum -4g.
Rolled Sulguni pieces filled with vegetables, Photo courtesy:


Cut tomatoes, cucumbers in cubes and tightly chop all the herbs. Almond sauce needs a special preparation: squeeze almonds and mix them with the various spices.
First of all, apply the sauce onto the sulguni pieces and then, place all the vegetable on top of the sauce and roll the leaves. Lastly, put the dish in the refrigerator for a while to chill.

Have a nice meal!

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