How to cook Khinkali at home
10 August, 2018
You can use either pork or beef to make minced meat for Khinkali, although traditional Khinkali in Pshavi (a mountain region on the Eastern Georgia) it is made from sheep. Khinkali with mixed meat of pork, sheep and beef is very tasty.


500 grams of mixed minced beef
600 grams of flour
Water if necessary
A head of garlic
3 standard onions
Black pepper, salt, red pepper and cumin according to taste.


Mix the minced meat with diced onions,
garlic and herbs. Add small amounts of water so as to create some juice/ gravy juice. Pour flour into a bowl. Add salt and warm water.Knead firmly, until the dough is elastic. Leave the dough in the bowl, cover it with a cloth and leave it for 30 minutes. Put a big saucepan full of water on the heat and when it is boiled, add salt and turn down the heat.
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Whilst waiting for water to boil: Take the dough and flatten it (the thickness should be 1.5 centimeters). Take a glass of 7 centimeters diameter and place over the dough and cut parts out of dough. Flatten these parts as thinly as possible. Their central part should be thicker than the edges. Put flour on them. Put a tablespoon of minced meat on each of the dough parts and wrap them carefully. Place wrapped Khinkalis on a floured plate.

After this, go back to the saucepan again. Turn up the heat, stir the saucepan and drop Khinkalis carefully inside. Boil it in a covered saucepan and stir regularly. When it is boiled, stir again and boil 1-2 times. Take boiled Khinkalis out of the saucepan with a wooden skimmer not to damage them.

Difficulty - 3
Portion – 30 Khinkalis
Time – 2 hours

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Source: Culinary Atlas of Georgia, Palitra L

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