The Most Spicy Adjika with Spices
10 August, 2018
Ajika or adjika is a Georgian-Abkhazi hot, spicy but subtly flavored dip often used to flavor food. The name itself comes from the Abkhaz word аџьыка meaning "salt". 

Common varieties of ajika resemble Italian red pesto in appearance and consistency. Though it is usually red, green ajika is also made with unripe peppers.

Commercially it is now made and sold in the UK by an Abkhazian expatriate family, producing hot, mild and green varieties.

Below you can find a receipt for
the most spicy Adjika with spices.

Time – 1min.
Complexity – average

• Red Bulgarian pepper - 5 kg
• Bitter red pepper - 1 kg
• Garlic - 500 gr.
• Tomato paste - 800 - 1000 gr.
• Fenugreek, dried coriander, marigold - 3-3 table/s
• Oil - 200 ml
• Vinegar - 250 ml
• Salt - 5-6 table/s
Adjika, Photo courtesy:

1. Wash the Bulgarian and bitter red peppers. Dry them off , cut the tops off, remove the seeds and blend them with garlic.
2. In a prepared mixture, add 800 gr. of thick tomato paste, fenugreek, marigold, dried coriander, salt, vinegar, oil, stir well and if you want to store it for winter, add one pill aspirin per kilogram and keep in this form for 2-3 days. If it seems to you that the salt is missing, do not add the same day, wait for a while and add it next day so that you can see if everything is well absorbed.

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