Fish in walnut sauce (Satsivi)
10 August, 2018
Satsivi is a food paste in Georgian cuisine made primarily from walnuts and is used in various recipes. The term satsivi is also used as a generic name for a variety of poultry, fish and vegetable appetizers with the satsivi sauce. An example, recipes is suggested below.

Time -60 min.
Portion - 6
Complicity- average

Any type of fish can be used for the Satsivi, however, most suitable would be fillet of fish.

• White fish fillet
- 500 g.
• Walnut - 1 cup
• White wine vinegar- 0,5 cup
• Cinnamon- 0,5 t/s
• Pounded carnation - 0,5 t/s
• Dried coriander- 1 t/s
• Onion - 3 pieces
• Garlic - 4 piece
• Peppercorns - 6 pieces
• Bay leaf - 2 pieces
• Salt–to taste
• Black pepper–to taste
• Chilli Pepper - 1 piece
• Vegetable broth - 250 ml
• Coriander - 0,5 bunch
• Oil–for frying
Walnut sauce - Satsivi, Photo courtesy:

Cut the fish into large pieces, pour the water over them so as to cover the fillet. Put some peppercorns, bay leaves, pinch of salt into a saucepan and boil for about 40 minutes. Put the cooked fish into a deep bowl.

Cut the onion into small slices and fry lightly in oil. Blend the walnuts with pepper, chili, garlic, 1 leaf o bay, peppercorns and coriander. Transfer the mixture into a saucepan and add also powdered cinnamon, carnation, black pepper, dried coriander, wine vinegar and salt.

Cover the saucepan and boil for 10 minutes. When the sauce is ready it should be poured onto the fish and cooled before tasting.

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