Detailed recipe how to cook the Adjarian khachapuri
13 August, 2018
Khachapuri is a popular Georgian dish made of cheese and dough. Adjarians have their own way of cooking Khachapuri. Ingredients:

1 Kilogram of flour
15-20 grams of dry yeast
500 ml of warm water
50 ml oil
1 tablespoon of salt

4 eggs
1200 grams of grated cheese
70 grams of butter
Adjarian Khachapuri, Photo courtesy:


Add yeast and salt to warm water, add flour and knead everything with oily hands. Put the dough in a bowl,
cover it with a canvas and wait until the dough rises.
When dough is ready, make 300 gram balls, roll out them, fold them from both sides and attach them carefully.

Place the grated cheese in the dough’s hollow area and place everything on a tin sheet and put it in the oven on 250 degrees. When the surface of Khachapuri is browning , break an egg into the middle of the dish and put it back in the oven for a while, then when you consider it cooked take it out of the oven, put a slice of butter again in the middle of the dish and take it to the table.

Difficulty 2
Time 1 hour
Portions 4

First photo

Source: Culinary Atlas of Georgia, Palitra L

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