Kupati in Saperavi wine
14 August, 2018
Each region in Georgia has its special cuisine. Kupati is a dish common in the western part of Georgia, Samegrelo. It is a mixture of meat, spices, herbs, garlic and onion shaped like a sausage. The meat used can be chicken, beef or pork.

Kupati is usually placed in Saperavi wine in Samegrelo. Saperavi is a red grape wine particular to Georgia.
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Put 6 kupati sausages in a saucepan filled with Saperavi wine. The sausages should
be steeped in the liquid. Then put the saucepan on the heat and boil the contents. Turn the sides of the Kupatis frequently and let every part of the sausages absorb the Saperavi. After the wine has reduced by half, the dish will be ready.

The Saperavi wine can be replaced with any other red grape wine.

The preparation process is easy and it will take only 20 minutes.

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