Chicken liver with ajika and satureja
15 August, 2018
Megrelian cuisine (from Samegrelo, in the western part of Georgia) is distinguished by its spicy meals. Locals prepare chicken liver with ajika and satureja. Ajika is an Abkhazian (northwestern Georgia) spicy dip.

All you need to cook chicken liver in a megrelian way are: 1 kg. chicken liver, 3 tablespoon sour cream, satureja, a cup of ajika, two whole onions, 50g butter, a bunch of coriander, salt and pepper.

Wash the chicken liver thoroughly and place it in a frying pan.
Add sour cream and salt to the liver. The liver will give out a fat. Let the liver fry in it for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile chop the onions and fry them in another frying pan. Remove the fat from the liver and add the fried onions and butter to it. Then add the pepper and satureja to the mixture.
Finally, dissolve the ajika in water and add it as well as the chopped coriander to the mixture. Leave it on the heat for about 15 minutes.

It should take approximately half an hour to cook. Enjoy your meal!

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