Georgian Chvishtari with Ajika
16 August, 2018
Chvishtari is a Georgian cornbread with cheese. It originates from Svaneti, the mountainous region of Georgia. But Megrelians from Samegrelo (the western part of Georgia) now make the dish adding a special twist.

This article will guide you in making the megrelian chvishtari at home.
You will need:

200 g. corn flour,
1 egg,
200 g. cheese,
a cup of ajika and
cucumber pickles as a garnish.

Ajika is an Abkhazian (the northwestern region of Georgia) spicy dip.

First pour mineral
water (milk or warm water) over the flour and make a dough with it. Add the egg to the dough and mix it. Grate the cheese and pour the ajika over the mixture and blend all the ingredients together. Then, with wet hands mould the mixture into small flatbreads. Finally, fry the flatbreads in an oiled pan. Have the dish with pickled cucumbers.
Enjoy your meal!

The preparation will take about 20 minutes and it will be enough for 4 people.


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