Delicious Veggie Pasta
21 August, 2018
The Café Piatto offers its guest delicious dishes. Here is the veggie pasta recipe cooked by the chef at the café. The dish is popular amonst vegetarians. The ingredients are:

Spaghetii – 125 g.
Olive oil
Soy sauce
Red bell pepper – 40 g.
Green bell pepper -40 g.
Agaricus – 40 g.
Courgette -40 g.
Broccoli -40 g.
Cherry tomatoes – 60 g.
Tomato sauce – 50 ml.


Boil spaghetti for 6-7 minutes. During b
oiling, add salt and olive oil to the spaghetti. Meanwhile, cut the bell peppers, agaricus, courgette, broccoli and braise them in a frying pan. Pour tomato sauce over the spaghetti and keep it on the heat for a minute. Then add cut vegetables to it and your dish will be ready. You can cut cherry tomatoes and places them on the dish.

The dish is very easy to cook and it takes only 15 minutes.

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