The Independent names Georgian wine among the best eastern European wines
24 August, 2018
Georgia is becoming more and more famous for its wine. Recently, The Independent published an article about Eastern European wines. The aim was to name the best wines in the region and quite reasonably, Georgian wine was listed among them.

“With technology and know-how often imported from their Western neighbours, a whole range of top-quality wines are now available at prices that won’t break the bank from countries such as Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and Georgia” – says the article.

It mentioned, that several years ago the Eastern European wines were not so popular. “They were treated as unwelcome attendees at the wine lover’s party – OK if you wanted a cheap bottle of plonk but never grant it a place at the top table” – says the article.
Saperavi grape. Photo courtesy:

We would like to add that at the time, Georgian wine was not so popular as well, but today the trend has been gradually changing.

So what type of wine does The Independent advice readers to buy?

Saperavi – red wine made in qvevri. “Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world and this red has been produced in the traditional method where the wine is fermented in subterranean terracotta amphoras or “qvevri” – the article says, “Made from the Georgian Saperavi grape it’s also unfiltered, leaving you to wallow in ripe cherry and soft fruits with pleasing tannins”.

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Source: The Independent

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