Georgian cuisine by “The Dish” – Part 1
27 August, 2018
The podcast “The Dish” talks about Georgian dishes as well as the history of the country. Georgian cuisine has been shaped by different cultures such as ancient Greek and Roman, middle eastern Turkish,central Asian, Mongolian, Russian and Indian influences. Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia has dishes from the different regions of the country. Georgian cuisine was the main reason why Georgia immediately jumped into the podcast’s top 5 places to visit. Georgian dishes have been called “life-changing” food. Tbilisi and Georgia
are surrounded by the Black Sea to the West, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey to the south and Russia to the North. It has been invaded by different people many times over the years. And the Georgian hospitality towards friendly guests is very well-known to everyone who has visited the country.

Georgia includes regions of different climate, which produce many different fruits or food. For example, tropical fruits are grown around the Black Sea, the mountainous regions have pastures and regions such as Kakheti produce wine. The Silk Road has been one of the major influences on the history and cuisine of Georgia. Cuisine and ingredients of east and west were coming into Georgia via the Silk Road. Georgia managed to incorporate all the new ingredients and meals to create an identity for Georgian cuisine. When you eat Georgian food, you do not think it is Mongolian or Chinese but Georgian.
Neolithic pottery discovered in Georgia, Photo courtesy:

Georgia might be the first producer of wine. The earliest pottery decorated with grapes was discovered in the “Gadachrili Gora”( in the eastern part of Georgia) dating back to the Neolithic period. Currently, Georgians have an 8000 years history of wine making. The kingdoms of Kolkhi (BC I millennium) and Iberia (BC III-IV millennium) are considered as the first pre-Georgian states. Georgians have been ruled by Greeks, Romans, Iranians, Arabs, Byzantians, Mongolians, Ottomans, and Russians.

Queen Tamar was the king of Georgia during the golden age of Georgia which turned out to be short lived due to the Mongolian invasion. Mongolians had one of the major positive influences on Georgian cuisine.

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