Georgian cuisine by “The Dish” – Part 2
28 August, 2018
The podcast The Dish tell the listeners about the history of Georgian cuisine and the meals everyone should taste in Georgia. The Georgians have been ruled by Greeks, Romans, Iranians, Arabs, Byzantians, Mongolians, Ottomans, and Russians. All of them brought their cuisine and ingredients into Georgia. If you visit Georgia today, you can find in grocery markets everywhere. A wide variety of food, herbs , spices local fruits and vegetables , cheese from different Georgian regions as well as other dairy
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Purple basil, yellow flower powder (powdered marigold), Svanuri salt (a mixture of salt different spices and powders), Ajika (spicy tomato dip), walnut paste (walnuts and spices) are the major ingredients that make Georgian cuisine as unique as it is.
Imeretian Khachapuri, Photo courtesy:

Georgians enjoy cheeses of various flavors and structure such as salty or moderately salty, elastic, crispy or bubbly structure. They are produced differently in various part of Georgia such as Imereti or Samegrelo. Khachapuri is cheese stuffed bread. Georgian use milk or water, eggs, salt to make a dough for Khachapuri. Literally Khachpauri means Cottage Cheese bread.
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Each region has its own way of making Khachapuri. Imereti people make Khachapuri stuffed with Imeretian salty cheese. Adjarian Khachapuri is shaped like an open boat. It is filled with cottage cheese, butter and raw egg on top of the mixture inside the hollow area of the bread. Megrelian Khachapuri is filled with Sulguni cheese (elastic consistency) and some cottage cheese is also put on top of it. Ossetian Khachapuri (the disputed area in Georgia, occupied by Russia)is filled with cheese and potato. Fenovani Khachapuri is a puff pastry version of Imeretian Khachapuri.
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