Georgian cuisine by The Dish – Part 3
29 August, 2018
Here are a number of other Georgian foods that the presenters of the podcast The Dish recommend you to taste in Georgia: Shoti bread is a flat bread soft inside and crispy outside. It is baked vertically in a sunken stone oven (tandoor).
Shoti bread, Photo courtesy:

Khinkali –is the Georgian version of stuffed dumplings. They are big in size like a “nine-year-old child’s feast”. Georgians sprinkle black pepper on them. There are different types of Khinkali such as Kalakuri
– mixed beef and pork, khinkali stuffed with sulguni cheese, potatoes, creamy spinach or mushroom khinkali, Tushetian Khinkali is a mixture of beef and lamb. They are made as a stew inside the dough. The content can be mixed with herbs, onions, garlic and flavours.
Khinkali, Photo courtesy:

A lot of Georgian meals are mixed with walnut paste/sauce. For example, fried strips of eggplant mixed with walnut paste. Trout stuffed with walnut paste and sulguni cheese and then deep fried. Summer salads with fresh vegetables are even more delicious with walnut paste poured over them.
Elarji is a megrelian meal - polenta mixed with sulguni cheese.

Ojakhuri is roasted meat mixed with potatoes, onions and peppers.
Ojakhuri, Photo courtesy:

Ostri –is hot and spicy beef with tomato sauce.
Ostri, Photo courtesy:

Abkhazura – is fried meat rolled in fat and seasoned with spices.
Abkhazura, Photo courtesy:

Georgians do not have many desserts but Churchkhela sometimes called the Georgian snickers are a must eat thing in Georgia. It is a candle shaped hardened grape juice mixed with walnuts.

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