How to prepare calf ribs in pineapple sauce
07 September, 2018
Sometimes, by using a combination of bitter and sweet ingredients one may get a delicious dish. Today we explore how to prepare calf ribs with spices and pineapple sauce. Ingredients:
1. salt (a spoonful),
2. Black pepper (a spoonful),
3. Onion powder (a spoonful),
4. Chili pepper (a spoonful),
5. Carum (a spoonful),
6. Garlic powder (two spoonfuls),
7. 2 (more than an average size) beef or calf ribs.
8. Can of pineapples
9. Ketchup

Mix all the mentioned ingredients – salt, black pepper, onion powder, chili pepper, garlic powder,
carum and spread it over the ribs.

To prepare the sauce open the pineapple can and pour the juice into a bowl, then add the ketchup and pineapple slices.

Cook the marinated ribs in the sauce by boiling for 4 hours. Then leave it in a covered pan for two hours.

At the end of 2 hours, take the ribs out of the pan, slice them and then pour the same sauce from the pan over them.

Help yourself and enjoy the video!

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