Georgian Cuisine Festival held in Hamburg, Germany
29 October, 2018
Khinkali, Mtsvadi and Khachapuri are the most famous words about the Georgian cuisine. It appears that these foods are not popular only among Georgians and in Georgia. Lots of people know about these foods outside of the country as well. It seems Germans are well acquainted with the Georgian cuisine as well, especially in Hamburg.

It has been 3 years since Nikusha Javakhishvili lives in Germany, Hamburg. He has 4 Georgian friends there and about a year ago they decided to
create a group for those, who are interested in the Georgian culture.

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Georgian cuisine – introduction to the Georgian culture

“Cuisine is one of the ways to show off your culture in a foreign country. If one will be excited with any of the dishes they will never forget it and will never miss a chance to taste them again” – says Nikusha Javakhishvili.

Nikusha Javakhishvili is a specialist of international relations and has nothing to do with gastronomy, but he, along with his four friends, has some experience of making food. These five friends have eventually decided to hold Georgian Cuisine Festival for the first time in Hamburg. It was planned that 400 people would participate in the event.

“It took a long time to think about a name of the event. We wanted to avoid already existing and banal names” – says Nikusha Javakhishvili. “Our conception is to represent Georgia in Europe as a European country. That happens quite rarely in Europe. Five friends have gathered (Four Georgians and an Australian) and we have rented appropriated a desirable place. This was preceded by long preparations, testing recipes, organizing everything, transportation and so long”.

When these five friends saw huge interest from people, they canceled all of their advertisements and started to thoroughly prepare dishes.

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Lots of Khinkali, Mtsvadi and Adjaruli Khachapuri were prepared

They prepared everything by themselves – around 700 Khinkali, about 50 Adjarian khachapuri, 100 churchkhela. Mtsvadi was prepared from 30 kilos of pork. Other Georgian dishes were also available. But even this number of food was not enough – three times more guests arrived and stood in the queue to try the Georgian cuisine.

Nikusha says that food was enough only for half of the guests and many were disappointed for that. The street was overloaded with people because of the overwhelming interest toward the event. 30% of the guests were Georgians living in Germany.

“Festival started at 4 pm and lasted only for 5 hours, because people in the neighbourhood got annoyed about such a long queue in the street and asked the hosting organization to finish everything a bit earlier. We think that we will need larger space in the future” – says Nikusha Javakhishvili.

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Nikusha said that he had not left kitchen due to the large number of guests. However he was told that guests were excited with dishes and they would attend this type of festival with pleasure again if they hold it.

This is the reason why the five friends decided to hold the event again next year. Besides, they want to open a new restaurant were only Georgian dishes will be served.

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