The rarest Georgian vine varieties
17 December, 2018
The rarest Georgian vine varieties
There are around 500 vine varieties in Georgia and wine making has been part of the Georgian culture for centuries. There are vine varieties that are known for everyone, like Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kindzmarauli, Aladasturi, Khvanckara and others. But there are also some rare and unique vine types that nobody knows about.

One of less known Georgian vine varieties is vine Buza. The name derives from the Georgian translation of a fly. The thing is that when Buza is ripe, its grapes
split very easily and there are always lots of flies flying around vines. Buza originates in the Kartli region and is used to make wine.
The rarest Georgian vine varieties
Georgia is considered to be a cradle of wine

Another vine variety from Georgia is Danakharuli. It also originates in the kartli region and is used to make wine. This is very rare vine and is saved only in rare collection lands. Today Danakharuli is among the most rare vine types and was common in areas of Gori, Kaspi and Tskhinvali region (currently occupied by Russia).

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Grdzelmtevana or a vine with long grape bunches was discovered in 1933 by researchers from one of the institutes. The vine is not so common in Georgia, however high quality wine is made from that. Grdzelmtevana is among the Kakhetian vine varieties. Among wine makers it has a special name – Forest Vine. It is proven by various researches that Grdzelmtevana gives large amount of harvest.
Making of Ice Wine is becoming more and more popular in Georgia

Simonaseuli or Simone’s vine is also among the Kakhetian vine varieties and they make red wine from that. One famous Georgian researcher used to say, that after Saperavi Simonaseuli wine was the best among red Kakhetian vine varieties.

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Black Rkatsiteli is also the Kakhetian vine and is among collection vine types. Just to remind you, Rkatsiteli is used to make white wine and its black variety is very rare in Georgia. They use Black Rkatsiteli to make red wine.
Georgians make wine either in a traditional or in the European way

Sakmiela is a white grape vine from Guria. Based on its taste, chemical consistency and consistency of a grape Sakmiela is a very distinguished variety and they make a high quality wine from that.

Another Gurian vine variety is called Jani (Strength in Georgian). It is used to make high quality red wine with harmonic taste and pleasant level of acidity and alcohol. There is one more unique Gurian vine variety – Skhilatubani that is very rare red grape vine.

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