Khachapuri among 100 best-rated dishes on TasteAtlas
31 January, 2019
Georgian traditional dish Khachapuri is one of the best-rated dishes on TasteAtlas. The website discovers local ingredients, traditional dishes, and authentic restaurants throughout the world.
Imeretian Khachapuri

khachapuri is the most famous dish in Georgia. The pastry is traditionally topped with melted cheese, eggs and butter. There are different types of khachapuri but it is usually filled with Georgian Sulguni or Imeretian cheese. Three of the most common varieties include the Imeretian khachapuri, shaped into a circular form, Adjarian khachapuri, the
open boat shaped version topped with butter and a raw egg on top and Megrelian Khachapuri shaped into a circular form and topped with melted cheese.
Megrelian Khachapuri

TasteAtlas also offers information about plenty of other traditional Georgian dishes from appetizers such as Jonjoli and Badrinaji to Georgian sweets Pelamushi or Churchkhela.

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