5 Lesser-known Georgian dishes to taste
07 February, 2019
Georgian dishes such as Khinkali, Khachapuri, Churchkhela or Elarji are well-known to people abroad. Visitors to Georgia are usually served with the most popular dishes referred to above. However, Georgia can offer a far wider choice of traditional dishes originating from different parts of Georgia.

1. Tashmijabi

Tashmijabi is one of the most appetizing dishes of Svanetian cuisine. It contains potato, a brined Georgian cheese, salt, and water. Potatoes are pureed and then mixed with cheese, water, and salt to taste.
Some milk can also be added to the mixture. The historic province of Svaneti is located on the southern slope of the central Caucasus Mountains in the northwestern part of Georgia. The highest mountain in Georgia, Shkhara (5201m) is also located in Svaneti.

2. Kotori

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Khachapuri, Georgian cheese bread is one of the most popular trademarks of Georgian cuisine that is equally beloved by locals and foreigners. Kotori is Tushetian khachapuri, made with very thin dough filled with cottage cheese and boiled butter. Kotori was prepared only for rituals and celebrations in the past. Georgia’s north-eastern province Tusheti is located on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains.

3. Fetvraali

fetvraal khachapuri
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Another Svanetian dish is Fetvraal Khachapuri. Fetvraal Khachapuri is cheese bread with added millet flour to its cheese filling. “Fetvi” is a Georgian name for “millet”.

4. Kaurma

The dish Kaurma originates in the mountains of Georgia and is made using traditional methods and utensils that shepherds would have used in the old days. Kaurma is made of pork or hen liver stewed with onions, tomato sauce, and Georgian spices.

5. Ojakhuri

Ojakhuri is a Georgian dish consisting of roasted meat (pork, chicken, lamb, or beef) and potatoes. The name of the dish means family meal in Georgian, so every family has their own recipe, variations, and they all use different seasonings for the roast. The dish is usually consumed with tkemali(Georgian plum sauce) or adjika (Georgian spicy tomato tip) sauces.

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