5 Georgian dishes to warm up winters
12 February, 2019
Georgia offers a variety of hot and cold dishes. While summer can be accompanied by fresh salads, hot and nourishing meals are preferred in the wintertime. There are 5 Georgian dishes to taste in the wintertime and warm your cold days up.


khachapuri is the most famous dish in Georgia. The pastry is traditionally topped with melted cheese, eggs and butter. There are different types of khachapuri but it is usually filled with Georgian Sulguni or Imeretian cheese. Three of
the most common varieties include the Imeretian khachapuri, shaped into a circular form, Adjarian khachapuri, the open boat shaped version topped with butter and a raw egg on top and Megrelian Khachapuri shaped into a circular form and topped with melted cheese. Khachapuri is among the 100 best-rated dishes of TasteAtlas.

2. Khinkali

Georgian dumplings known as khinkali are considered to be one of the national dishes of the country. The dumplings are filled with meat and spices (mushrooms, potatoes, cheese can be used instead of meat), then traditionally twisted into a knot at the top. Regional differences influence the fillings and every part of Georgia has its distinctive variety. For example, in the mountainous regions, the most traditional filling is lamb. The most frequent variety (often served in Georgian restaurants) throughout entire Georgia is a mixture of pork and beef.

3. Ghomi

Ghomi is a traditional dish from Georgia consisting of coarse and fine cornflour combined with water. Pieces of cheese such as sulguni are typically placed in the hot porridge to melt before consumption. The dish is often served with different sauces on the side, such as tkemali or baje.

4. Kubdari

Kubdari is a bread filled with beef, pork, or a combination of the two flavored with spices such as cumin, dill, coriander, blue fenugreek, red pepper, onions, garlic, and salt. The dough consists of flour, water, yeast, sugar, salt, and eggs. Interestingly, the meat used in this savory pie should be cut, not minced. Kubdari originates from Svaneti, one of the most beautiful mountainous and winter resorts in Georgia.

5. Chacha - Georgian pomace brandy

Besides, the best choice to warm up in cold days is not a dish but the Georgian spirit Chacha. Chacha stands for grape pomace and its distilled byproduct (pomace brandy). Meanwhile, the word is used to refer to any homemade spirit. The leading British daily newspaper The Guardian nominated 10 of the best warming winter drinks around the world and Chacha is one of them.

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