Top 5 local cheese types to taste in Georgia
21 March, 2019
Georgia is among the best cheese manufacturing countries. The country counts the centuries-old tradition of cheese making. It comes as no surprise that Georgia is rich in cheese varieties. There are top 5 Georgian cheeses you should taste while visiting the country.

Sulguni from Samegrelo

Sulguni is
a cylindrical Georgian cheese from Samegrelo (west part of Georgia). The cheese has a mild, yet complex flavor and a semi-firm texture. It can be produced from the milk of cows, goats, buffalos, or a combination of the three. The flavors range from acidic, tangy, and sour to salty and smoky.

Tenili from Samtskhe-Javkheti

Tenili is made in the regions of Samtskhe-Javakheti (south-east Georgia) and Kvemo Kartli (East Georgia). It can be produced from cow's or sheep's milk. In order to make the cheese, the milk should have a high percentage of fat. The cheese is pressed and repeatedly stretched into thin strands.

Cheese from Imereti

Imeretian Cheese origianates from the Imereti region (west part of Georgia). It is a curd cheese made from cow’s milk. It matures quickly within one or two days. Imeretian cheese is soft and has a salty, sour taste.

Guda from Georgia's mountains

Guda cheese comes from the Georiga’s mountainous regions. It is made with sheep’s milk, traditionally aged in sheepskin – that’s why Guda cheese has a special flavor. Cheese is similar to the texture of the Imeretian type.

Dambalkhacho from Georgia's mountains

Another cheese from the mountainous Georgia is Dambalkhacho. It is made from buttermilk cottage cheese that remains after churning butter. After salt has been kneaded into lumps of cottage cheese, it is dried on a dzobani – a special webbed grate hung over a medium flame. Presence of sunlight isn’t allowed during the process. Dried lumps are then placed in clay pots for 2-3 months. This causes the cottage cheese to develop a special kind of mould, which is both delicious and good for health.

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