Khachapuri featured on Youtube by Chef John
12 April, 2019
Khachapuri, a signature of Georgian cuisine has been featured on Youtube through the channel Food Wishes. The author of the Youtube channel is John Armand Mitzewich, famously known as "Chef John", an American chef, video blogger and YouTube personality. In his videos, the chef presents fun-to-make, and easy-to-follow recipes. In the video, Chef John bakes Adjarian Khachapuri and uses a mixture of mozzarella, Monterey Jack and feta cheese instead of the Georgian cheese.

khachapuri is the most famous dish in Georgia.
The pastry is traditionally topped with melted cheese, eggs and butter. There are different types of khachapuri but it is usually filled with Georgian Sulguni or Imeretian cheese. Three of the most common varieties include the Imeretian khachapuri, shaped into a circular form, Adjarian khachapuri, the open-faced version topped with butter and a raw egg on top and Megrelian Khachapuri shaped into a circular form and topped with melted cheese.

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