Traveler devotes a vlog to the traditional Georgian cuisine
02 May, 2019
Last year Jodie Dewberry, a traveler who makes videos of her adventures throughout the world, visited Georgia with her friends. Dewberry quitted the job to travel around the world. She devoted several videos to her trip through Georgia. One of the most interesting vlogs is about traditional Georgian cuisine.
traveler_eggplant rolls with walnuts
Eggplant rolls with walnut

Jodie Dewberry together with her friends visited one of the Georgian restaurants and tasted their favorite local dishes one more time before leaving the country. They tasted and shared
their impressions about the dishes such as Khinkali (Georgian dumpling), Eggplant rolls with walnut, Satsivi (thick nut paste with salmon), Tolma (stuffed vegetables with meat), Soko ketsze (mushrooms with cheese), Khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread) and Mtsvadi (skewered pork).

Dewberry named three most frequently used ingredients in the traditional Georgian dishes. These are walnuts, salt, and cheese. She has announced that the Georgian dishes are among her top 3 cuisines in the world. She believes the price for the local dishes in Georgia is quite affordable.

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