Georgian Restaurant in Heilbronn,Germany
05 February, 2020
If you happen to be in Heilbronn, Germany, make sure you visit an astonishing Georgian restaurant "Georgisches Restaurant am Mönchsee," which keeps not only German people but guests from around the world amazed. The owner of the restaurant Mamuka Tchichinadze first got the idea of opening the restaurant in 2018 and that is when the story began. The goal of the restaurant creation was to do something which would include the things he was passionate about, singing, communicating to people from
different countries and introducing Georgian culture to them.
"I wanted to create a place that would connect people from different spheres and different cultures together. The restaurant would be a perfect meeting point for this. Owning the restaurant for two years now, made me realize that this business serves a really good cause as it introduces Georgia's culture to foreigners. I know a lot of people who traveled to Georgia after visiting my restaurant. Getting familiarized with Georgian culture, made them even more interested and I think that is very important."

Mamuka Tchichinadze's restaurant is peculiar for its diversity as it is not only a restaurant but a place where you can have a quality conversation about Georgian literature. For someone interested not only in Georgian cuisine but literature as well, Mamuka's restaurant would be a perfect choice.

"I happened to meet one German man, Herr Hinderer, who visited Georgia in search of the stories of German people, specifically from Heilbronn living in Georgia. Then they were exiled from Georgia in the 20th century and we chose to talk about this subject with our guests in the restaurant as it shows the interconnectedness of German and Georgian people."

Georgian wine degustation events are also held in the restaurant, where the owner Mamuka Thichinadze himself and Zurab Gagnidze, one of the founders of the band "The Shin" perform Georgian songs together. The lecture about Georgian wine traditions turned out to be very interesting for guests.

What needs to be mentioned is that music plays a really important role in Mamuka's restaurant. Here you can listen to not only Georgian but Spanish, French, German and songs from other countries. The songs are also performed in Mingrelian (Kartvelian language spoken in Western Georgia).

"One of my friends, Karin Friedle who is an art critic, always tells our guests that Georgian culture should be known all around the world. She always mentions our uniqueness and spreads a positive message with my guests. This creates a very special bond between German and Georgian people."

Author: Mariam Kukhilava

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