Transparency International Calls on Parliament to Take Interest in Probable Conflict of Interests
23 October, 2012

Transparency International – Georgia calls on parliament of Georgia to be attentive to the cases of conflicts of interests. As the statement of the organization reads, they checked information released by media and social networks about probable link between the candidate for Minister Kakhi Kaladze with some companies acting in the field of Energy and natural resources.
“According to the information of the electronic data base of the public registry, Kakha Kaladze was one of

the directors and member of the supervisory board of the “Kala Capital Limited” Ltd registered in Cyprus in 2011. “Kala Capital Limited” owns 100% share of “Kala Capital” Ltd registered in Georgia, which is the 100% share owner of the company “Kala Energy and Natural Resources”. According to the company regulation, the main field of activity of the “Kala Energy and Natural Resources” is energy and natural resources. In 2011, Kakha Kaladze was also given the 45% share of the stock capital of the “Sakhidroenergomsheni”.
“Sakhidroenergomsheni” is a large company in the field of energy. It should be noted that he owns 25% shares of “Kala Energy and Natural Resources” Ltd in “Tot Energy” Ltd, whose director Mariam Valishvili was deputy Minister of Energy and natural resources, which also is a conflict of interests”, the statement reads.
International Transparency – Georgia doesn’t know whether the structure of ownership of the companies have changed from the date of putting the information in the public registry data base till today. The organization considers this matter needs to be explained by Georgian Dream coalition and it should be a matter of discussion by the MPs while discussing Kaladze’s candidacy.
Kakhi Kaladze said that after being appointed on the post, he has 10 days time to sell his shares of “Sakhidroenergomsheni”.