Society for Giorgi
28 March, 2013
Tbilisi concert hall in March 31 will host event where participates nearly all Georgian artistic society and this event has one reason to help Giorgi Korganashvili. Giorgi is an actor of Marjanishvili theatre who unexpectedly stumbled upon one of the hardest challenges of life – health problem. One month ago Giorgi was diagnosed aplastic anemia that made his friends organize all their moral forces to stand by him.
“Two years ago Giorgi did have health problems and with financial support
of Georgian pop singer Lela Tsurtsumia he underwent treatment in Austria. But now Giorgi needs nearly half million dollars for treatment including surgery and further rehabilitation process and this is for chance to survive, “ said Paata Inauri, actor of Marjanishvili Theatre and friend of Giorgi to Georgian Journal.
Sukhishvili’s national ensemble, Nato Metonidze, Lela tsurtsumia, Liza Bagrationi, Dato Evgenidze, Merab Sepashvili, Groups: “Mgzavrebi”, “Frani”, “Egari” is a short list of participants of event in Tbilisi concert hall that will be broadcasted in live coverage on Imedi TV during 3 hours. Spectators from whole Georgia will have possibility to stand by Giorgi Korganashvili and support him by their calls and sms.
“We plan to organize street movement with participation of Theatre of Movement to promote upcoming event and also Movement Theatre actors will carry boxes to collect money “ said Paata Inauri.
This event is only little part of number of activities: theatrical stages, concerts and many kind of social arrangements that have one aim to help Giorgi Korganshvili. Rustaveli, Marjanishvili, Tumanishvili Shalikashvili theatres alongside with regional theatres held performances to support the actor.
Paata Inauri: “Many organizations raised money for our case; many of them want to remain hidden. Advertising companies, “Out Door” among them, gave their free advertising banners, printed free flyers”
Khatia Alpaidze, Promotion Manager of Gepra: “ We, Gepra collaborators gave up 10% of our salaries for Giorgi Korganashvili, besides we try to promote it on our Facebook page “
Paata Inauri: “Anyway there is some controversy about this subject, some people doubt the amount of sum needed: they say it looks unbelievable . Some people say there are many children in the same condition, but we are not going to stop and want to continue this kind of initiative to help other children too. I want to thank every person who gave up even one Lari for Giorgi Korganashvili.”