Cleopatra’s Elixir of Beauty and Health
15 May, 2014
Interview with hirudotherapist Tamar Sharia

Nowadays, there are many alternative forms of medical care. Some people believe in pharmacology, while others prefer phytotherapy or homeopathy. Our guest today is a self-taught hirudotherapist who saved her own life, found a new formula of life and beauty and now has the will to help others, just like any other doctor. Meet Ms. Tamar Sharia who confides to us that at the age of 50, she lost 30 kilos and has noticed that
her hair is starting to become black again.
G.J: You are a lawyer. How come you took an interest in hirudotherapy?
T.Sh: You are right, but I have never worked as a lawyer. My health urged me to learn this branch of medicine and my success story starts here... I believe that all of you have heard about hirudotherapy. This is an ancient method dating back to 1500 years BC.
Thanks to leeches, Cleopatra herself managed to escape her disease. These tiny creatures have become the elixir of her beauty and health. The curable features of leeches have been acknowledged by masters of medicine such as Nikandre, Galen, Themison and even Avicenna. Leeches are not only curing diseases but also regulating a human’s bio-energetic field.
G.J: You declare that you have found the life elixir. What exactly do you mean?
T.Sh: I think I have been lucky after numerous years of ceaseless searching. The strength of these creatures are stipulated by around 200 biologically active substances that, according to a scientific conclusion, is the number one homeopathic medicine in the world of which an analogue has not yet been created by modern science. They confess this outspokenly.
Thanks to the leeches’ feature of regeneration, all the cells of the human body, including the nervous cells, experience restoration and become younger. The stem cells become active as well. The biological hour of a person starts to go backwards – towards a younger age!
G.J: What exactly does hirudotherapy cure?
T.Sh: Hirudotherapy is a treatment method without any side effects. It has been successfully used in the case of numerous diseases. We can name only a few of them: the whole spectrum of cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous, spinal and digestive systems, as well as gynecological, urological, ophthalmological, oto-rhino-laryngological, stomatological and rheumatological illnesses, both acute and chronic. Besides that, a new branch of hirudoplasty has been formed, which is an alternative to plastic surgery. Leeches represent a natural substitute to botox, without any side effects and complications.
G.J: It does not have any side effects at all?
T.Sh: As I mentioned, practically none. But there are only a few cases where side effects can occur: haemophilia, a heavy form of anemia, hemorrhagic diathesis, persistent hypotension, pregnancy and malignant tumor formations.
G.J: How new is this branch of medicine in Georgia?
T.Sh: Unfortunately, Georgians are only now starting to realize significance of this accurate and effective method of treatment. Such an attitude aggravates already complicated chronic diseases even more and prolongs their treatment process. Nevertheless, if the illness is acute or in an early, it is far easier to be cured this way.