Georgian Journal 35(258)
Results of social survey are presented

NDI presented the results of its social survey at Tbilisi Marriott. When asked “How do you think the coming parliamentary elections will be conducted?” 13% responded -totally well, 47% - somewhat well, 18% - somewhat falsified. 3% believes elections will be totally falsified. When asked ”What are the three biggest barriers to free and fair elections in Georgia”, 22% declared – bribing of voters, 18% - problems related with voters’ lists, 17% - ballot stuffing.

13 Untitled  Drawings

Untitled serial drawings in intercultural dialogue. On September 7, 2012 a project of a young artist Nika Topuria called “Untitled serial drawings in intercultural dialogue” will be presented at Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery as one evening show; so don’t miss it!

Address: 11, Rustaveli Avenue

Jungles of virtual education

The Internet is about to bring to university professors what it has brought to secretaries, journalists and music executives: unemployment. People might have their doubts. Lectures from elite universities are widely available online, after all. If the groves of the academy could be delivered to your house by WiFi, wouldn’t they be there already ? What makes people suppose that this long- awaited “tsunami” now stands on horizont ? In a word: grading. Educators at top universities have begun to rank their online courses.

Delayed and Canceled Flights To Be Compensated

Air companies operating at Georgian market should pay compensation and offer assistance to the passengers if they cancel or delay flights on their own reason starting September 1, 2012. 

New State Export Company Poses Anti-Trust Risks

A new state-run export company created to solve the agriculture export-related problems, is believed to be ineffective and can transform into a monopolist ultimately, hampering the commercial sector development. 

Georgian Banks Keep Growing

Total assets of Georgian commercial banks  increased by GEL 1billion in a month, the loan and deposit portfolios increased by GEL 124.4 million and GEL 643.2 million respectively. 

Insurance Sector Under Doubled Health-Insurance Burden

A new expanded state insurance program covering approximately one million more beneficiaries starting from September 1, 2012 nearly doubles the burden on Georgian insurance sector, which is facing financial troubles due to inadequately managed hospital portfolios. The increased burden on the insurance business that was already in trouble, poises quality risks to the insurance service. 



Report from Duisi

It’s over one week that people have been closely watching the events undergoing in Lopota gorge… Media spread information about disappearance of 5 youths from Lapankuri.


Interview with Levan Berdzenishvili, one of the leaders of Georgian Dream

In a letter addressed to the democratic world, the leader of Georgian Dream vowed for its coalition to subscribe to any result of upcoming elections if six conditions warranting fair elections are met. “The Georgian parliamentary elections to be held on 1 October will decide the fate of the country. Ultimately, you will have a crucial say to either enable the u-turn of the country towards democratic development or face further fight with authoritarianism and post-communism,” – Bidzina Ivanishvili says in his appeal. We interviewed Levan Berdzenishvili, member of the Georgian Dream coalition:



Interview with Mikheil Machavariani, First Deputy Speaker

Last week Bidzina Ivanishvili, leader of ‘Georgian Dream’ addressed International organizations and authorities. With this issue we began our interview with Mikheil Machavariani.

Everybody is relieved that there has been a new start and that the difficult times are over. Now is our time. And things will start clean. Unfortunately there were those who benefitted from the old system and they must be excluded from the new system. Some of them should be punished. Maybe simple exclusion from the system will be sufficient but for some they need to be actively pursued and punished. What is particularly frustrating is that some of those who were very much a part of the problem in the old system, they become the loudest critics of the new system. They somehow didn't get the message that things have not only changed and and that they desperately needed to change but that their role was not just negative but treasonous. They need to sit down, stay home, be quiet and let us do our work.

EU, NDI and Public Polarization


Rhetoric from ruling United National Movement (UNM) party and Bidzina Ivanishvili-led opposition Georgian Dream coalition in which the country’s two largest and wealthiest political groups describe each other as a fundamental threat to Georgia, escalates polarization ahead of the October 1 parliamentary elections, National Democratic Institute (NDI) said.

Belated Initiative


Will they let us into voting booths with mobile phones?

Taking mobile phones along with us into voting booths of ballot stations is a matter that asks for state-wide prohibition. At least this is what users of social networks are actively discussing now. They believe that if the State imposes it, one of the main rigging methods could be disabled.

Sense of  Exigency

Question: is the Georgian electorate responsive enough to current political requirement in this country to make the most advantageous decision in favor of the entire Nation when found in solitude in the polling booth, faced with the persistent logic of right and wrong?

GEL Exchange Rate