The First Diplomat Award Ceremony – Coming Soon
24 November, 2011
The First Diplomat Award Ceremony – Coming Soon


December 15, Restaurant “Cruize”, 7 PM… An unprecedented event in Georgian media space is going to take place. Our newspaper and publishing house “Media Palitra” are launching a grandiose project. Georgian Journal will identify the Diplomat of the Year.

From now on, the Diplomat Award Ceremony will be held annually.


The winner will be granted an award, exclusively designed for the ceremony. Along with the aforementioned, several other nominations will be aired too, such as “the Best Georgian-speaking Diplomat” and others. On the whole, several ambassadors will be granted special diplomas and prizes established by the sponsors and partners of the project.

Within the scope of the project, ambassadors accredited in Georgia, representatives of diplomatic corps, international as well as local non-government organizations, politicians, experts and businessmen will attend the event. Journalists of printed and electronic media, along with the employees of “Media Palitra Publishers” will be invited to the final event to cover the ceremony and its results.

The partners of the First Diplomat award ceremony in Georgian media space along with a number of other associates, are Duty Free Alliance and Nemiroff. The Diplomat of the Year promises to be one of the most memorable and significant events taking place over the year. And there are only three weeks left before the grandiose project is launched. Georgian Journal will further provide you with the detailed information regarding the ceremony.


‘Diplomat of the Year’ is the name of the upcoming event!

Dear ladies and Gentlemen – Our Readers with Diplomatic Status, We are all tired of myriad awards and ceremonies that are going around ubiquitously and on permanent basis. Our mail boxes are simply inundated with all kinds of invitations to the events we are not likely to be interested in. But the one that your favorite Georgian Journal is suggesting is a totally and absolutely different case.

The Georgian Journal and the MediaPalitra Publishing House have embarked on a project of great significance in the Georgia media – ‘Diplomat of the Year’ which is going to be held in December of 2011 to establish a new annual tradition. A grandiose ceremony is in store for all of us, but before this outstanding event, polls have been conducted, involving local politicians, political analysts and political scientists as well as the cross section of Georgian society. Accordingly, the candidates have been elicited and their names were put forward for discussions and considerations. Several additional exclusive nominations are

also envisaged for granting the awards. The final event will reveal the winners, and the main participants are going to be the Ambassadors of various nations, accredited in Georgia and other members of the Diplomatic Corps. You will also see among our honorable guests the representatives of international organizations, foreign politicians, experts, businessmen and journalists.

The primary purpose of the event is giving a more powerful impetus to the activity of the Diplomatic Corps in Georgia for promoting further development of democracy and welfare in this country. Moreover, we intend to revitalize the creative interactions between the Georgian media and the Diplomatic Corps. We are well aware that Georgia needs your shrewd support and practical help along every step of the way towards progress and prosperity.

And here is the best part of the entire event: an expert barmen, exclusively hired for the ceremony, will create and offer to our guests special GJ Punch – drink of the soiree.

Nugzar B. Ruhadze, our Consulting Editor will lead the ceremony with his habitual skill.

The event is covered practically by the entire conglomerate of Georgian media – they can’t literally wait to see what is going to happen. Special edition of the Georgian Journal will reflect the big event titled ‘Diplomat of the Year’ farther highlighting its significance. Special edition of our paper will bring to light the details of the evening. We hope that the Georgian Journal special edition will be found on the desks of the officials of your respective countries right after the event.

Our entire editorial staff of the Georgian Journal and MediaPalitra Publishers truly hope that the scheduled event will be welcomed by every member of the Diplomatic Corps. The event is unprecedented and it needs special handling which equally involves both – the diplomats and the journalists.

The Georgian Journal is your faithful friend; it expects your friendly reaction!


The Georgian Journal Editorial Staff

The MediaPalitra Leadership


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