From Who Georgian Government Stole Idea of Lazika?
26 April, 2012
From Who Georgian Government Stole Idea of Lazika?

American businessmen accuses the Georgian Authorities of appropriating Lazika project

It seems a new scandal is in the offing involving Georgian Authorities, this time concerning American millionaire Andrew Murdza and Georgian immigrant Davit Kartozia. The American businessman acuses the Georgian

Authorities of stealing his Lazika project. Below is an exclusive interview with Davit Kartozia and Andrew Murdza, the authors of Lazika project.

Andrew Murdza: “I know Davit and his family very well. When I learned about his ambitions, I told him that the best he could do was to return to the homeland and help his people. We decided to open oyster business as the Black Sea salt is conducive of commercial oyster farming. Oysters are in great demand on international market. Canned oyster manufacturing could have generated lots of hard cash for the country. Every IDP would have had his own home and decent living environment based on the power, generated by solar energy panels. The IDPs who would live there would have been shareholders in this undertaking with an average salary of 500-600 US dollars. Davit loves his country more than his own life, just like I love my work. We started working on the project. 32 people worked day and night for seven years. We spent almost 11 million dollars. It all was stolen by your Government. Lazika should have been built on marshes. Rather than desiccating, we would have allowed it live as a natural filter. Now your Government is going to dry up the marshes entirely. Whoever conceived it, they have no idea about physics, chemistry and biology of the problem. Marshes are protected by Ramsar Convention. So their elimination will allow the Black Sea devour the entire Kolkheti valley! I cannot believe that your President stole our idea! I could not have imagined that the country is ruled by so mean and deceitful Administration.”
Davit Kartozia: “First we went to the Georgian Embassy with this project. They listened to us, put questions. On 16 December 2010, we met with Georgian Ambassador to America Batu Kutelia who promised us to mediate with the World Bank for us. The project was assigned to Nikoloz Revazishvili to have it quickly presented to the Bank. We waited for four months and then found out that nobody in the World Bank knew anything about the project.”
Andrew Murdza: ”Your Government does not care about keeping promises. So now they will have a serious enemy in my person. I will fight till I win. I grew without parents. I was a toddler when they died.”
Davit Kartozia: “Within the project framework, we wanted to build a church. However, the position the Georgian Government was flabbergasting. They wanted “no churches” (!).
Q: Please name the persons.
A:  We met with Temur Iakobashvili (member of the Majority). Apart from him, the meeting was attended by three Americans and Davit Rakviashvili. How could a public official behave as horrendously as he did at the meeting? He argued, how a small town could be built near Gori (close to the occupied area)? He asked us to forget about churches and in exchange the Government was ready to agree on anything. On that, he proposed to build a casino.
Q: Are you going to appeal to a court?
A: We will make the Georgian Authorities pay for everything. We have influential friends in the American Government. Five Senators are involved in our case. We fixed appointments with Senators and Congressmen on 16 and 17 June. We will take the case all the way to the end for sure. Once we broke the silence, they started to send message. Two days ago a cascade of threats began to arrive: “You don’t realize where you stuck your nose. Be careful. Why are not you afraid? Why have not you thought about your relatives living in Georgia?” They remind me that I have mother, brother and sister of my father in Georgia. I would like to tell them through your newspaper: I am not afraid! I am not afraid for my son, for my life and the life of others because if we give in to fears today, we would be doomed, left landless, spiritless, godless. You cannot scare me. I warn you: I will have you repay to me tenfold for every wrong step made by your side! 11 years ago my son Giorgi was kidnapped. The kidnappers were arrested. They are in prison. But I made a huge mistake by saving Georgians, so that only the Americans who collaborated in the kidnapping of my son were arrested.
Q: Who are they?
A: The people who took part in the kidnapping are in the Georgian Government today. They do anything to launder money. I know many such facts starting from the war and ending with the Lazika construction.
Q: Could you give examples?
A: Take the recent Telavi flooding. The weather forecasters identified the date of the forthcoming natural disaster, while those in the Authorities concocted faked expense reports, alleging that they constructed certain buildings. The flooding did occur as the forecast had it and all non-existing buildings and criminal deeds of the Authorities were written off as if they were demolished by the flood. I know much more. I will show the real face of the Georgian Government to entire America. And do you know what they mean by Lazika? They are going to build something in a place where constructions are not allowed normally. Yes, they are going to build roads and houses only to have them destroyed by sudden surge of water or landslides. In this way, they would write off everything. Previously, they did similar thing during the war to launder their sins. The situation would not have been so bad, had it not been for the billions that are being laundered.
Andrew Murdza: “The world should know who rules Georgia and it will, I promise you. It’s just not right when governments of those countries who call the Georgian Government “a pillar of democracy” are kept in the dark.

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