It’s Time To Investigate August War
25 October, 2012

The most devastating legacy from the 9-year-long rule of National Movement is the Russian occupation of  20% the country’s territory. If separatist groups of Tskhinvali region and Apkhazeti were unrecognized entities (just like many other similar parts of the world), after the August 2008 war their independence was recognized by several countries, including Russia.

What happened actually that led Georgia to the war with neighboring nuclear Russia – this is the main question that has not been so far answered objectively

in accordance with the wish of Georgian population, especially its segment. which were expelled from Samachablo and Apkhazeti.

Saakashvili’s Government made us believe that it studied the factors of the August war and even created the investigative Parliamentary commission which failed or did not want to name main culprits. However, it was eagerly awaited because the country was ruled by the same force which drew Georgia into the August war.

The October parliamentary elections changed the reality in Georgia. The new forces that have just come to power in Georgia have little or no relation with the incitement of the August war. Hence, there are all the pre-conditions for unbiased investigation now. To make it happen, the new parliament has to set up a new investigative commission and invite really independent military experts and specialists in it. In this way, objectivity of the conclusion would be warranted, and Georgian population would see their legitimate expectations met.

Work of the investigative commission should be steered in several directions to cover not just the period of August war proper, but preceding years to look into the roots of events and developments that brought the country to the war. The commission has to investigate actions of the President, the government, HQ and brigade commanders (though, it is feared that certain paper orders are destroyed or corrected by now).

The commission should listen to thousands of people, including politicians, generals, soldiers and only having analyzed their stories, ensure that nobody escapes justice.

Had there been objective investigation of the Apkhazeti war in 1992-93, Gali events in 1998 and Tskhinvali conflict in 2004 and had all the culprits been prosecuted, no war would have happened in August, 2008.