Winter Mountain Military Training
31 January, 2013
Mountain Military Training School that derives from the 16th mountain batallion formed in 1991, continues special mountain training of Georgian and NATO troops designed for a winter period.
In the framework of Partnership for Peace NATO Program, 19 military officers from Georgia, Ukraine and Poland are engaged on almost one-month long special course from 20 January till 15 February. Sachkhere military instructors took the trainees to Abuli mountain in Akhalkalaki to practice shooting at 3000m above see level. Military seasoning of
the soldiers in such an extreme environment is necessary for the formation of special forces, especially in the Caucasus, where armed confrontations at high elevations were not rare in the past and will not be in the future either. No wonder that similar practice of training mountain units intensively takes places in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia.
Since the summer of 2006, the Sachkhere Mountain Military Training School conducted 34 training courses for up to 500 troops. By the way, several dozen officers failed to obtain certficates of successful completion. This goes to show uncompromising stringency of the instructors.