First air show took place in Georgia
10 September, 2013
The military airstrip of Aviation Factory No. 31 in Tbilisi hosted the first air show in Georgia on September 9 to mark anniversary of the birth of the famous Georgian aviation engineer Alexander Kartveli. Su-25 and L-39 aircrafts of the Georgian Air Forces performed maneuvers above the factory named after Kartveli on the occasion.
The event was opened by two airborne infantry who jumped from two aircrafts with parachutes painted in colors of Georgian and United States flags. The event was
attended by Georgia’s Defense and Corrections Ministers, Tbilisi Mayor, diplomatic corps representatives and military and civilian guests. Defense Minister Irakli Alasania told reporters the air show would become annual.
Alexander Kartveli was born in Tbilisi in 1896 and is considered a pioneer of American military aviation. The famous engineer died in New York in 1974.

By Natia Leshkasheli