American Armour Saved Georgian Military
28 November, 2013
The Ministry of Defence released official information about the latest military operation conducted by Georgian troops in Afghanistan. They even showed a number of new operation photos and videos confirming the extent of danger faced by Georgian soldiers in Helmand Province. In contrast, previous military authorities kept a tight lid on media material and even the facts of operations being conducted by Georgian troops.
The latest military operation - codenamed Samcap - sought to stop free movement of Taliban in the
target area, create buffer zones, strengthen road security, and enhance protection of the local population.
During the operation, which the Alpha and Charlie brigades of the Batumi Infantry batallion conducted in an Afghan village, together with American infantry soldiers, an armoured MRAP of the Georgian patrol was hit by an IED. Fortunately, the MRAP crew did not sustain any injuries. The demining and rapid deployment units managed to evacuate the damaged vehicle to the base.
Judging by the video footage relased by the Defence Ministry, security during the operation came from American marine helicopters, supercobras, thus safeguarding the Georgian troops against sudden enemy attacks.