“Letter to Soldiers” - Georgian military reply children’s letters
26 April, 2014
Deputy Ministers of Defence, Justice, Education and Science visited Tbilisi Public School №87. They held a meeting with the pupils of the IV and V grades. Deputy Ministers gave the children the letters sent by Georgian military participating in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.
School children wrote letters to the Georgian military servicemen contributing to the ISAF mission within the project “Letter to Soldiers” several months ago. Under the joint project of the Defence Ministry, Ministry of Education
and Science and LEPL “Crime Prevention Center” of the Ministry of Justice, up to 700 letters in total from 75 public schools throughout Georgia were sent to Afghanistan.
Some of the Georgian soldiers have already replied to the letters. Tbilisi Public School №87 received the largest amount of replies from Afghanistan. Deputy Ministers delivered these letters to the pupils. The school children were also shown a video about the the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.
The Deputy Defence Minister introduced school children to a new initiative. A contest called “My Soldier” will be announced throughout Georgia. School children willing to participate in the contest should write essays on military topics. The winner will be given the reward set by the Georgian Defence Ministry on May 26.